Jorge Zorreguieta

Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta Stefanini (28 January 1928 – 8 August 2017) was an Argentine politician who served as Minister of Agriculture in the regime of General Jorge Rafael Videla cheap metal water bottles. Zorreguieta was the father of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

Jorge Zorreguieta was born in 1928 in Buenos Aires, the son of Cesina María Stefanini Borella and Juan Antonio Zorreguieta Bonorino. He is of Spanish-Basque and Italian ancestry. His paternal grandfather, Amadeo Zorreguieta Hernández, was mayor of the city of Mendoza. He became secretary of La Sociedad Rural Argentina, a conservative interest group of landowners and ranchers. He was also president of the association Juan de Garay, a cultural institution of the Basque community.

After the 1976 Argentine coup d’état of General Videla, Zorreguieta became Deputy Secretary of Agriculture. From March 1979 until March 1981 he was Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock.

The INTA, a research institute associated with Zorreguieta’s ministry was put under control of the Argentine Navy after the Videla-Coup tenderize steak without mallet. Employees from this institute disappeared during Zorreguieta’s tenure.

In 1981, Zorreguieta stepped down as minister. He became president of the Centro Argentino Azucarero (CAA), an advisory body for sugar producers in Argentina. In April 1982 Argentina went to war with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands. Argentina was defeated, and the military government, now headed by Leopoldo Galtieri, collapsed. People who had been ministers under the military government were prosecuted for violations of human rights; Zorreguieta, who had left political office before the end, was not affected.

He also became chairman of the supervisory organization for food Coordinadora de la Industria de Productos Alimenticios (Copal).

Zorreguieta married in 1956 to Marta López Gil (born 1935). They later divorced.

They had three daughters:

He married again, to María del Cármen Cerruti Carricart (born 8 September 1944), daughter of Jorge Horacio Cerruti and María del Cármen Carricart, on 27 May 1970 in Paraguay.

They had two daughters and two sons:

From his two marriages, Zorreguieta has seven children and twelve grandchildren in total.

The news of the crown prince Willem-Alexander’s relationship and eventual marriage plans to Máxima Zorreguieta caused controversy in the Netherlands. Máxima’s father had been the Minister of Agriculture during the regime of former Argentine President Videla, a military dictator who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981 and who was responsible for many atrocities against civilians (An estimated 10,000–30,000 people were kidnapped and murdered during this and subsequent military regimes before democracy was restored to Argentina in 1983). However Jorge Zorreguieta had resigned one year before the end of the Videla regime and claimed that, as a civilian, he was unaware of the Dirty War while he was a cabinet minister. Professor Baud, who on request of the Dutch Parliament carried out an inquiry on the involvement of Zorreguieta, concluded that it would have been unlikely for a person in such a powerful position in the government to be unaware of the Dirty War. Despite finding Zorreguieta to be at fault, the marriage between his daughter Máxima and crown prince Willem-Alexander was approved by parliament because Máxima herself had not done anything wrong hydration vest for running; however Jorge Zorreguieta was not allowed to attend the 2002 wedding. Parliament’s approval was necessary for Willem-Alexander to stay in line to the Dutch throne.

Because of his past, Zorreguieta was not allowed to attend Máxima’s wedding. However, he and his wife were invited to attend the christening of their granddaughters, the princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. The difference was that the marriage of the heir apparent was seen as a state matter, and a baptism is considered a private matter. During the baptism ceremonies (in The Hague and Wassenaar), opponents of the former Argentine military regime protested. Zorreguieta was not present at the investiture of his son-in-law Willem-Alexander as King of the Netherlands on 30 April 2013 in Amsterdam.

Zorreguieta died of leukemia at the age of 89, on 8 August 2017. He was survived by his second wife, his seven children water bottle glass, twelve grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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Canton de Saint-Gall

Le canton de Saint-Gall (SG, en allemand Kanton St. Gallen) est un canton de Suisse.

Avant 1803, il fait partie du canton du Säntis.

Le canton de Saint-Gall a été créé par l’acte de médiation du 19 février 1803.
Son territoire recouvre les territoires suivants :

Le drapeau saint-gallois présente, sur fond vert, un faisceau du licteur (verges entourant une hache, symbole de l’autorité des magistrats romains).

Le canton est situé dans le Nord -est de la Suisse. Il est entouré au nord par le lac de Constance et le canton de Thurgovie. À l’est il est séparé de l’Autriche et du Liechtenstein par la vallée du Rhin. Au sud il est bordé par les cantons des Grisons, de Glaris et de Schwytz et à l’ouest par le canton de Zurich.

Les deux demi-cantons d’Appenzell Rhodes-Intérieures et Appenzell Rhodes-Extérieures sont enclavés dans le canton de Saint-Gall jerseys cheap authentic.

Les principales rivières du canton sont le Rhin, la Thur, le Linth et le Seez. La topologie varie des plaines dans le nord près de la vallée du Rhin et du lac de Constance au sud montagneux. À peu près un quart du canton est recouvert de forêt et la moitié de pâture alpine.

L’économie était autrefois fondée sur le textile.

Le canton de Saint-Gall compte 465 937 habitants en 2007, soit 6 tenderize steak without mallet,1 % de la population totale de la Suisse ; parmi eux, 97 461 sont étrangers. La densité de population atteint 230 habitants au km2, supérieure à la moyenne nationale.

La majorité des habitants du canton revendiquent l’appartenance au catholicisme romain ; un peu plus du quart sont protestants.

Le tableau suivant détaille la population du canton suivant la religion, en 2000 :

Note : les intitulés des religions sont ceux donnés par l’Office fédéral de la statistique ; les protestants comprennent les communautés néo-apostoliques et les témoins de Jéhovah ; la catégorie « Autres » inclut les personnes ne se prononçant pas.

La langue officielle du canton est l’allemand.

Le tableau suivant détaille la langue principale des habitants du canton en 2000 :

Au 31 décembre 2015, Saint-Gall compte sept communes de plus de 10 000 habitants :

Autres localités d’importance :

Depuis le , le canton est divisé en huit circonscriptions électorales (Wahlkreis en allemand) :

Sur les autres projets Wikimedia&nbsp water flask bottle;:

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WR 140

WR 140 is a visually moderately bright Wolf-Rayet star placed within the spectroscopic binary star, SBC9 1232, whose primary star is an evolved spectral class O4-5 star. It is located in the constellation of Cygnus, lying in the sky at the centre of the triangle formed by Deneb, γ Cygni and δ Cygni.

WR 140 has been described as the brightest Wolf Rayet star in the northern hemisphere, although WR 133 also in Cygnus is comparably bright. The Wolf-Rayet component is identified as the secondary star, being less massive tenderize steak without mallet, less luminous, and probably less visually bright than its primary even though it dominates the spectrum with its broad emission lines. The primary star is an O4-5 star, most likely a giant or supergiant. Its current accepted spectroscopic orbit shows a highly eccentric 7.9±0.2 year period, which has been determined from the velocity variations observed with the component’s spectral lines, mostly from the Balmer absorption lines of the O4-5 primary and C IV emission lines at 465.0 nm. for WR 140. Separation between these two stars varies from 1.3 AU at periastron to 23 badia meat tenderizer.9 AU at apastron.

WR 140 is listed as a Wolf-Rayet variable star V 1687 Cyg in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars, whose visual brightness varies only very slightly. Interest with this WR 140 system is principally observing the infrared light fluctuations during the component’s orbit, being extensively studied because of its episodic dust formation cheap football shirts uk. It is now regarded as the prototype colliding-wind binary. Shortly after periastron passage every eight years, the infrared brightness increases dramatically and then slowly drops again over a period of months. Here stellar winds collide with the dust formation created by the stars clothes lint remover.

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