Tojeść (Lysimachia L.) – rodzaj roślin należący do rodziny pierwiosnkowatych. Według niektórych ujęć taksonomicznych należy do niego ok. 150 gatunków. Są dość szeroko rozprzestrzenione na półkuli północnej w rejonach o klimacie umiarkowanym i podzwrotnikowym, przy czym najliczniej występują w Chinach (ok waterproof purse. 130 gatunków). Gatunkiem typowym jest Lysimachia vulgaris L..

Wiecznie zielone byliny i krzewy o bardzo zróżnicowanym pokroju. Kwiaty 5-płatkowe, zebrane w długie grona lub wiechy, przeważnie żółte lub białe, czasami tylko różowe lub purpurowe.

Apochoris Duby, Naumburgia Moench, Steironema Raf.

Należy do podrodziny borowicowe (myrsinowe) Myrsinoideae , rodziny pierwiosnkowatych Primulaceae, która wraz z siostrzaną rodziną hebankowatych należą do rzędu wrzosowców, grupy astrowych (asterids) w obrębie dwuliściennych właściwych (eudicots).

Gromada okrytonasienne (Magnoliophyta Cronquist), podgromada Magnoliophytina Frohne & U. Jensen ex Reveal , klasa Rosopsida Batsch, podklasa ukęślowe Takht. ex Reveal & Tahkt., nadrząd Primulananae R. Dahlgren ex Reveal, rząd pierwiosnkowce (Primulales Dumort.), podrząd Primulineae Burnett, rodzina pierwiosnkowate (Primulaceae Vent) toothpaste dispenser., podrodzina Lysimachioideae Kostel., plemię Lysimachieae Rchb., podplemię Lysimachiinae Endl., rodzaj tojeść (Lysimachia L.).

Niektóre gatunki są uprawiane jako rośliny ozdobne na rabatach, niektóre nadają się do obsadzania oczek wodnych. Najlepiej rosną na próchnicznej i stale wilgotnej glebie. Rozmnaża się je przez podział lub przez siew nasion.

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Constance Binney

Constance Binney (June 28, 1896 – November 15, 1989) was an American stage and film actress and dancer.

Born in New York City, Constance Binney was educated at Westover School, a private college preparatory boarding school for girls in Middlebury, Connecticut and in Paris, France. She made her Broadway theatre debut in 1917 and the following year appeared with her actress sister, Faire Binney (1898–1957), in the Maurice Tourneur silent film, Sporting Life based on the play by Cecil Raleigh and Seymour Hicks. In 1919, she starred opposite John Barrymore in The Test of Honor.

Although Constance Binney left the film business in 1923, her contribution to the industry was recognized with a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6301 Hollywood Boulevard. Unfortunately, modern assessment of her career is limited as most of her films are now lost, with only two of her films surviving in a complete form runners drink bottle, Erstwhile Susan and The Case of Becky, along with a single reel of First Love.

Binney married Charles Edward Cotting, Jr, an investment banker in Boston in 1926. Their announcement made the first page on the Boston Globe on January 24,1926. They divorced in 1932. They lived at 410 Beacon Street.

Constance Binney last performed on Broadway in 1924. She appeared on stage in London and in 1941, during the Second World War, married the British war hero, Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire who was twenty-one years her junior best designed water bottles. However, this marriage was childless and the couple were estranged after the war ended, divorcing in 1951.

Constance Binney died in 1989 in Whitestone, Queens, New York City, aged 93.

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Argentine North Western Railway

The Argentine North Western Railway (ANW) (in Spanish: Ferrocarril Noroeste Argentino) was a British-owned railway company, founded in 1886, that operated a 1,000 mm (3 ft 3&nbsp thermos tritan hydration bottle with meter 24 ounce;38 in) metre gauge railway network in the Tucumán Province of Argentina. The company was sold to the British-owned Córdoba Central Railway (CC) in 1899.

The company was founded in 1886 to acquire a concession, granted to Samuel Kelton in 1885 by the provincial government of Tucumán, for the construction of a 142-km line from Tucumán south to La Madrid, and for the building of 35 km of branch lines, including one from Concepcíon to Medinas how to tenderize tough cooked beef, in the sugar growing region of the province.

The line from Tucumán to La Madrid was completed in September 1889. It would be also known El Provincial due to it only run within Tucumán Province. Nevertheless, the financial situation of the company deteriorated until in 1899 (ten years after of being inaugurated) the ANWR was sold to the Córdoba Central Railway.

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Intensidad luminosa

En fotometría, la intensidad luminosa se define como la cantidad de flujo luminoso que emite una fuente por unidad de ángulo sólido international football shirts. Su unidad de medida en el Sistema Internacional de Unidades es la candela (Cd). Matemáticamente, su expresión es la siguiente:


En fotometría, se denomina fuente puntual a aquella que emite la misma intensidad luminosa en todas las direcciones consideradas. Un ejemplo práctico sería una lámpara. Por el contrario, se denomina fuente o superficie reflectora de Lambert a aquella en la que la intensidad varía con el coseno del ángulo entre la dirección considerada y la normal a la superficie (o eje de simetría de la fuente).

Una candela se define como la intensidad luminosa de una fuente de luz monocromática de 540 THz que tiene una intensidad radiante de 1/683 vatios por estereorradián football kits online, o aproximadamente 1,464 mW/sr. La frecuencia de 540 THz corresponde a una longitud de onda de 555 nm, que se corresponde con la luz verde pálida en la región de máxima sensibilidad cromática del ojo . Ya que hay aproximadamente 12,6 estereorradianes en una esfera, el flujo radiante total sería de aproximadamente 18,40 mW, si la fuente emitiese de forma uniforme en todas las direcciones. Una vela corriente produce con poca precisión una candela de intensidad luminosa.

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LGBT rights in São Tomé and Príncipe

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in São Tomé and Príncipe face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in São Tomé and Príncipe. The nation is one of the 66 signatories to the Joint Statement on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Under the Penal Code of São Tomé and Príncipe that took effect in November 2012, same-sex sexual activity is legal gym fanny pack. The age of consent is 16 years regardless of sexual orientation.

São Tomé and Príncipe does not recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions double wall insulated stainless steel water bottle, or domestic partnerships.[citation needed]

There is no legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.[citation needed]

São Tomé and Príncipe signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on 31 October 1995.

A 2016 poll found that 46% of Sāo Toméans would like or not mind having an LGBT neighbor.

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Pierre Cureau de La Chambre

Pierre Cureau de la Chambre (20 December 1640, Paris – 15 April 1693, Paris) was a French churchman.

Son of the doctor Marin Cureau de la Chambre, he was struck down with deafness and had to abandon his medical studies. He travelled to Italy and became friends with the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the art historian Carlo Cesare Malvasia. He studied theology and in 1664 he published a collection of his father’s works and attended the salon of the marquise de Sablé. A protégé of Colbert and a friend of Colbert’s father chancelier Séguier, who had held him at his christening what is tenderizer, he was elected to his father’s seat in the Académie française in 1670. Around 1668, he became curé of the parish of Saint-Barthélémy in Paris. He died in the famine of 1693 thermos intak hydration bottle with meter, during which he ran out of food trying to help the poorest of his parishioners.

La Chambre had a scholarly reputation and corresponded with Pierre de Fermat do you tenderize steak, but the only written works he left were panegyrics and funerary orations for Theresa of Avila steel water bottle online, Bernini, Maria Theresa of Spain, Pierre Séguier, Rose de Sainte-Marie de Lima, Charles Borromeo and saint Louis.

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Yergevanits (en armenio: Երգեվանք), es una fortaleza en ruina de la época medieval situada en lo alto de una montaña, en la orilla izquierda del río-afluente Tavush Aghnja al oeste de la población de Aygedzor de la provincia de Tavush de Armenia. La fortaleza pertenece a los siglos X – XIII.​

A finales del siglo XIX el obispo Makar Berkhudaryants se refirió a ella en estos términos:

… todavía quedan paredes de la fortaleza. A pesar de que el castillo está rodeado de acantilados profundos, cubiertos de espesos arbustos, gargantas estrechas y hendiduras, el lugar no es tan inatacable toothpaste dispenser reviews. El agua en la fortaleza procedía de una fuente en el valle del lado oeste. En este desfiladero, donde hay enormes nogales, se encuentran las ruinas de un antiguo pueblo con un cementerio.​

También la menciona el historiador armenio Kirakos Gandzaketsi:

best running water bottles… En el monasterio, que él mismo erigió, llamado Horanashatom (ya que hay muchas iglesias, de ahí su nombre (Horanashat (Arm) -. “Una gran cantidad de Horani”, es decir, arcos, altares) ..), que está en contra la fortaleza Yergevanits detrás de Gardman, construyó una magnífica estructura …​

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Phong Nha-Ke Bang

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng er en nationalpark i Vietnam som i 2003 kom på UNESCOs verdensarvsliste.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang ligger 500 km syd for Hanoi, 1230 km nord for Ho Chi Minh-byen, 40 km nord for Dong Hoi. Parken grænser mod vest op mod Laos.

Parken har over 300 huler og grotter med en samlet længde på 126 kilometer, mange huler har underjordiske floder.

Grotten Thien Duong, der blev opdaget i 2005, har en længde på omkring 31 km og er nationalparkens længste. Grotten er enorm med højder på op til 100 meter og bredder på op til 150 meter. Der er offentlig adgang til den yderste del af grotten.

I april 2009 opdagede britiske opdagelsesrejsende en ny hule her, som fik navnet Son Doong. Udforskerne hævdede, at det var “den største grotte i verden”.

Ud over huler og grotter safe water bottles, har denne park også en stor biodiversitet best meat tenderizer.

Endemiske arter i denne nationalpark er: Burretiodendron hsienmu, Cryptocarya lenticellata,Deutrizanthus tonkinensis, Eberhardtia tonkinensis, Heritiera macrophylla, Hopea sp., Illicium parviflorum, Litsea baviensis, Madhuca pasquieri, Michelia faveolata, Pelthophorum tonkinensis, Semecarpus annamensis, Sindora tonkinensis.

Biologer har opdaget tre sjældne orkidé-arter i parken.

Blandt de orkidéer, som i øvrigt findes i parken, kan nævnes: Paphiopedilum malipoense, Paphiopedilum dianthum, Paphiopedilum concolor.


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Sredneuralskaya GRES

Sredneuralskaya GRES is a power plant of federal significance how can meat be tenderized, in Sredneuralsk city of the Sverdlovsk region. It is a subsidiary of “Enel Russia”. Total gross installed electrical capacity of Sredneuralskaya GRES is 1578,5 MW.

Sredneuralskaya GRES which has The Order of Lenin and The Order of the Red Banner of Labour, is situated at the Iset riverside. The first mention of the Srenderuralsk state region power plant was in “The plan of national economic construction of USSR” for the first five years. By the general “Plan of Ural electrification” the creation of “trunk feeder”, which was based on 3 big region mains – Southern (Chelyabinsk), Northern (Gubakhino) and Sredneuralsk – was planned.

On 31 August 1930 Energocenter decided to build Sredneuralskaya GRES, which had to cover ural energy deficit. In October 1930 specialists, planers, geodesists and geologs from Leningrad appeared at the lakeside. The building of the station was started in 1931, on 6 January 1963 the first turbo generator installed capacity of 50 MW on Sredneuralskaya GRES was put in operation. In 1937 the second turbine was launched and in 1939 the third turbo aggregate was put in exploitation. During the Great Patriotic War the staff of Sredneuralskaya GRES saw off a quarter of workers. SUGRES supplied with the energy “Uralvagonzavod” where one-third of all tanks, produced in USSR during the war, was constructed and also many other defense factories of Sverdlovsk region.

On 1 April 1945 г. Sredneuralskaya GRES was awarded by The Order of Lenin. On 17 April 1945 the collective of power plant got for eternal storage The Red Standard of State Committee of Defense. By 1949 the building of the first line of GRES with 234 MW: 8 boilers and 5 turbo aggregates, was finished sports direct football shirts.

During 1950–1953 on SUGRES for the first time in the state the complex automation of heating processes was realized. The new sort of fuel – coal from Ekabastuz field- was mastered.

From 1962 the heat supply of two cities was started by 26 -km heat transport system SUGRES-Sverdlovsk that was unique in that period. From 1960 the building of the second line of SUGRES of 238 MW was started. That was the second born of the power plant. So, in 1960 powerful heating complex was come on stream on SUGRES, which provided Sverdlovsk, Verhnya Pishma and Sredneuralsk (with the total population more than one million people )with 1150 Gkal/hour of energy and 2000 tons of hot water per hour for the heat supply and hot water of. For improvement of Sverdlovsk heat supply by the end of 1966 the first line of electro station had been reconstructed: 3 turbines were transferred to heat supply and 2 boilers of 50 MW with 2 boilers of 200 tones/hour were demounted.

Because of increasing demands of energy in the regional center, in 1964 the enlargement of SUGRES was started. In 1967–1970 the third line with 900 MW capacity – 3 units of 300 MW – was established. It included: turbines К-300-240 from Leningrad Metal Plant and boilers TGMP – 114 with capacity of 900 tones per hour.

In 1978 the power plant got the high rank of «The factory of communist labour».

In 1982 the first line of the power plant was transferred from carbon to natural gas, the reserve fuel – mazut earth friendly water bottle.

In 1985 on SUGRES the complex of water preparation for replenishment of heating system with capacity of 6000 tons/hour was introduced. the water supply was operated through sluice from Volchihinskoe reservoir. Such filtering equipment had not been used previously in energy.

By the decree of 29 April 1986 of the presidium of Supreme Council of USSR brazil football shirt. BSUGRES was awarded by the Order of Labor Red Banner for high technical and economical work of energy equipment.

More than once Sredneuralskaya GRES became the winner of social competitions. Totally there are 10 banners-relics on SUGRES, which were given to the collective for heroic work.

In 1993 the reconstruction of energy unit with capacity 300 MW with its transition to heating regime was implemented. It was the first such experience in Russia.

There was the introduction of gas turbine expansion station (GTES) with capacity of 11,5 thousands of KW in 2002 – new technological equipment, aimed to use energy of excess pressure.

The station partly supply with heat Yekaterinburg and its satellites. The main fuel is natural gas and the reserve fuel is mazut.

The main projects of Sredneuralskaya GRES are aimed at modernization of heating system of power plant’s units.

Sredneuralskaya GRES is realizing 5 years-plan of stocking with fish Isetskoe reservoir. In 2014 by power plant’s initiative more than 2 tons of precious species of fish were let out in this pond. From 2013 SUGRES has let out 6 tons of fish. While realization of the environmental events, Sredneuralskaya GRES and Reftinskaya GRESstarted the implementation of new technologies of lightening and energy efficiency: at the power plant lamps working on solar batteries were substituted instead of common street lamps.

Today Sredneuralskaya GRES is a subsidiary of “Enel Russia”. There are also Reftinskaya GRES (Sverdlovsk region), Konakovskaya GRES (Tver region) and Nevinnomysskaya GRES (Stavropol region) in “Enel Russia”. In September 2008, in compliance of the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation № 215р of 2008, Enel started construction of a new high-efficiency 410 MW combined cycle gas turbine. The construction of the turbine was completed in 2011.


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Tecmo (テクモ tekumo antique meat tenderizer?) es una corporación japonesa de videojuegos fundada el 31 de julio de 1967.

Nació en 1967 bajo el nombre de Tehkan Ltd. En 1969 comenzó a vender equipos de arcade. En marzo de 1981, se inauguró la filial americana de la compañía U.S Tehkan Inc. Un mes después, en abril de 1981, Tehkan lanzó en Japón su primera videojuego para arcade titulado Pleiads (distribuido en América por Centuri) what is the best meat tenderizer. Cuando aún se llamaba Tehkan, la compañía lanzó juegos clásicos como Bomb Jack y Tehkan World Cup.

El 8 de enero de 1986, Tehkan cambió oficialmente su nombre a Tecmo. Durante los años 1980 y 1990 sus principales éxitos fueron Rygar, Ninja Gaiden y su saga deportiva (Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo world cup soccer

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Los Angeles Galaxy Home GIOVANI 10 Jerseys



, Tecmo Super NBA Basketball). En 1995 se fundó su estudio Team Ninja football fan shirts, liderado por Tomonobu Itagaki. El 25 de febrero de 2010 Tecmo se fusiona con Koei formando Tecmo Koei.

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