Bewaqoof (Hindi: बेवक़ूफ़, translation: “Idiot”) is a 1960 Indian film le coq sportif outlet.

Advocate Rai Bahadur is a respected lawyer, who has no children. He has an affair with a prostitute Meher who then becomes pregnant with his child. His wife also get pregnant at the same time and both his wife and Meher give birth to baby boys in the same hospital and same day waterproof floating bag. When Rai Bahadur came to know that Meher also gave birth to his son, he went to meet her in hospital but Meher warns him of dire consequences if he will not give his son his due rights. She blackmail him and ask her to change her baby with his wife’s baby. Helpless Rai Bahadur ask a nurse to change the babies and offered money. Nurse agreed but later her conscience does not allow her to do the wrongful. She did not change the babies but said Rai Bahadur that she has changed the babies. Now Rai Bahadur thinks that the boy in his house “Kishore” is from prostitute Meher and the boy with Meher is from his wife. He start dislike his son “Kishor” in his Bungalow and star liking the other one “Pran”. He somehow throw “Kishore” with his mother out of the bungalow and bring “Pran” mistaking “Pran” as from his wife. Now “Kishore” raised in poor life with both Meher and Mrs Rai Bahadur and “Pran” raised in bungalow. Both become boxers in the same boxing club. Kishore always betters Pran but denied his right every time due to Pran’s unfair tricks.

Kishore falls in love with Pran’s assistant cum girlfriend “Mala” who is from a rich family. A LLB student who’s the member of the boxing club becomes Kishore’s friend and always raise his helping hand to Kishore. Dramatically Kishore somehow wins Mala from Pran. One day Pran came to know about the reality from the same nurse and to erase his past identity or stigma to be born from a prostitute, he kills the nurse. He tricks Kishore into the trap and the conviction of murder falls on Kishore. Kishore’s friend became a lawyer by then and helps his friend Kishore. He put all his efforts to erase the false allegations on Kishore select keeper gloves. In the end Kishore gets his right and gets his love Mala.

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